Businesses For Sale in 2018

businesses for sale, loansIn 2017-2018 there has been a significant rise in small business sales as more and more people are seeking alternate sources of income to buffer the effects of the current financial climate in the United States.

Google searches for ‘Businesses For Sale’ has risen by over 25% on similar searching in 2016-2017 showing an increase in the amount of users searching for a new income. As the unemployment rate rises to an all time high and redundancy figures have increased to unprecedented amounts people are fast searching and planning for a more secure source of income.

In early 2018 home based business sales went up according to figures of same quarter last year, according to e-Commerce Journal 3 out of 10 people now work from home favoring the benefits of operating a home based business than the daily trudge of a 9-5 job working for an employer.

71% of home based workers claimed they would be able to sustain and grow their income during the economic downturn. 29% of self employed workers claimed a positive business operation despite the credit crunch.

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