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Choosing A Career

Whether you are a teenager trying to deicide for the first time a career suitable for you or whether you are middle aged and have been in employment for years, choosing the right career is a major life determining decision.

Employment Facts and Figures
As the average person will spend (from 20yrs onwards) 71680 of waking hours over the next 40 years (based on waking at 7am and going to bed at 11pm), of this figure 35840 hours of that waking time will be spent at work ( based on a full time job 8 hours per day).
Which literally means that half of your life (from the age of 20 to 60yrs old) will be spent at work; if this is the case can you imagine working in a job you don’t like? Can you imagine working day after day feeling miserable and dissatisfied? So its extremely important (as you going to spend half of you life doing it) to choose the right career for you!

Factors Involved In Choosing A Career
When it comes to choosing a career there are not that many factors involved really, although societies place large demands on people about achieving success (mainly in the form of money and material things). There are only really three things to consider when it comes to choosing the perfect career for you, a career that will bring you happiness and fulfillment. Those three aspects are:

1. Listen to what you would like to do within you own heart.
2. Practicality – make a practical choice.
3. Action, Action, Action

1. Choosing A Heartfelt Career
Choosing a career based on what you would really like to do within your heart is not as easy as it seems. Generally a person faces all sorts of difficulties and challenges when they first try to follow their own heart. Family and peer pressure, societal pressure, you migt even have to challenge some of your own learned beliefs such as “work is meant to be hard” or “I can’t do that”.
Regardless of these interfering-factors, if you can manage to put them aside (however briefly) and ask yourself inside what it is YOU would really like to do and keep doing this regularly, eventually you will get a strong pull towards the type of career you would like to do and start receiving inspirational ideas coming into your mind. Write down several of the best ideas that come up that fill you with excitement and happiness at the thought of doing.

2. A Practical Career Choice
Once you have done the above then look at the practicality of your choices, its no good choosing to be a premiership football player if you are 58 years old, or a deep sea diver if you suffer from Asthma. However you can start to navigate through the list to drilling down to something that resembles your first choice and which is attainable for you. So you might not be able to be a deep sea diver, but you could operate a fishing boat, or you might not be able to be a premiership football player but you could open a shop selling football products or perhaps operating a booking agency for selling tickets to major football events.

3. Action Your Career into Being
Without action all you will have is the knowledge of what you want to do, you will be aware of the excitement of what doing your ideal job feels like, but without action that’s all you will have! Taking action is what sorts out the winners from the losers in life, lots of people think about what they would like to do but only a very few take action and make it happen.
As soon as you know what you would like to do and its a practical (based in reality) choice then start searching, straight away, all the ways your new career change happen for you. Make calls to companies/people already within that industry and ask for advice (they will be only too glad to help), search online using one of the many informative job search platforms, call your local careers office and arrange an appointment to discuss any help or advice they can offer, visit your local job centre and ask about how you can get help to achieve the career or job switch you want. Read about all the grants and benefits available for training in this new area.

Career Choice Summary
Getting rich quick, however appealing, can only provide instant gratification at being able upgrade your car, your house and buy more stuff! But it does not necessarily equate to happiness or fulfillment so don’t be fooled. Some of the happiest people on earth (the sort of happiness money cant buy) work in industries/services with low pay grades, but when they go to sleep at night they generally have a smile on their face a song in their heart!
Good Luck!

Due Diligence Check List

As you will have probably heard before, if it ‘sounds to good to be true – it probably is’. However not all internet business opportunities or new start-ups are cons. This blog is about how to avoid the scams and how to perform true due diligence when presented with a unique internet business opportunity.

Unlimited Rewards – No Experience Necessary

When faced with a fantastic business proposition that offers unlimited reward to all buyers – no experience necessary! A dubious feeling might at first arise with most people but there are always those few who allow their naivety, greed and ignorance to blind them into making an instant purchase decision which they later end up regretting.

Due Diligence, Due Diligence And More Due Diligence!

Not all great internet business opportunities are scams; there are lots of growing online e-business ventures that are successfully providing positive start-up business for lots of clients. The trick is to sort out the ‘wheat from the chaff’ and the way to do this is due diligence! Due diligence is the method used by a purchaser to check the creditability of the sellers business, sellers service and the sellers factual presentations about their business opportunities.

Due Diligence Check List:

Online Check
1. Internet Fraud – Firstly read the informative information the Government has related to internet fraud and illegal activity.

Check The Sellers Representations
2. Seller representations – Check the seller’s representations! Are the factual presentations the seller is making ‘checkable’. If the seller claims to provide top ranking results for their businesses for sale – check on previous businesses sold, does the seller’s statement hold true? Are the results true ranking results on the search engines or are they simply ‘Pay Per Click’?

Ask For Client Referrals
3. Client Referrals – Ask the seller if you can contact previous clients who have bought the similar business opportunities from the seller, get independent feedback.

Visit The Sellers Offices
4. Visit The Seller – Ask the seller for the opportunity for a face-to-face meeting at the seller’s offices, don’t be afraid to ask the seller to show you round their offices. This can help verify the legitimacy of the sellers business as a solid platform and not someone working from a back end room of a house or a shop.

Split Payments
5. Payment Process – If you are dealing with an internet business opportunity of acquisition ask the seller for a split payment option, 50% on contract completion with the remainder on full delivery. Any reputable seller will agree to this option as long there opportunities are genuine.

Most Important Due Diligence Check
6. Gut Feeling – If after all the above you have been provided with satisfactory result the last check to perform and the most important is ‘listen to your gut feeling’ are you getting a good feeling about this new opportunity, do you feel excited and motivated or do you feel unsure or wary. My advice to you is if you feel anything other than the former, (good, excited, motivated), then your ‘gut’ is telling you something is not quite right and it may be that you need perform some more due diligence or check whether its simple nervousness about taking a risk, which is natural.

Reputable Internet Business Providers
A reputable and trustworthily internet business broker will be able to fulfill all the above due diligence tests and checks. They will be able to provide you with previous factual positive results from previous opportunities sold. Most trustworthy businesses for sale brokers will offer you most of the above right from the start allowing you time to investigate further their business opportunities.

Hard Work!
Once you bought your new internet business its time to go to work, as with most things in life noting comes easy, you get what you put in! So if after performing the above due diligence and you have bought your business then ;put as much effort into building on that business turning into a fantastic revenue generating business that will return a great ROI as well as fantastic re-sale value.

Bias ratio

Businesses For Sale in 2018

businesses for sale, loansIn 2017-2018 there has been a significant rise in small business sales as more and more people are seeking alternate sources of income to buffer the effects of the current financial climate in the United States.

Google searches for ‘Businesses For Sale’ has risen by over 25% on similar searching in 2016-2017 showing an increase in the amount of users searching for a new income. As the unemployment rate rises to an all time high and redundancy figures have increased to unprecedented amounts people are fast searching and planning for a more secure source of income.

In early 2018 home based business sales went up according to figures of same quarter last year, according to e-Commerce Journal 3 out of 10 people now work from home favoring the benefits of operating a home based business than the daily trudge of a 9-5 job working for an employer.

71% of home based workers claimed they would be able to sustain and grow their income during the economic downturn. 29% of self employed workers claimed a positive business operation despite the credit crunch.

Instant payday loans – financial support for helpless

There are many people who don’t have any fast friend while there are some such people who don’t want to ask their friends to help them at the time of their financial emergency. Such people don’t want to ask them because of humiliation. For all such loan seekers instant payday loans are really blessing because these payday loans assist them at the time of their financial emergency without letting others know about your loan sanction. All the details regarding loan sanction are kept confidential. No other except of you and the lenders will know about it. Hence, you will not feel any kind of humiliation if you apply for these loans.

If you are also in dire need of instant cash, don’t wait or postpone your needs to your next paycheck to meet your dire needs because you get quick cash from the lenders of instant payday loans. Don’t worry about your poor credit score if you have because these lenders will not check your past credit history. All that these lenders want from you is that you provide genuine details while filling online application. These lenders also don’t ask you to fax the copies of property documents as a security. Therefore, these are risk free loans for you as well.

Eligible criteria are very simple so anyone can qualify it and will get loan amount in the ranges of $100 to $1,500 for the repayment period of 2 to 4 weeks. Instant payday loans are unsecured and short term loans that assist you till your next payday. Being short term and unsecured loans these lenders charge high interest rates from you to cover the risk factor. Extra interest rates will be levy on you if you couldn’t repay loan amount on time. So, try to repay loan amount on time.